Therapeutic Word of the Day: Social Anxiety

“Impossible to describe unless you experience it. Social Anxiety is crippling and should not be ignored.”

Social Anxiety is a difficult concept to understand. For those who have not experienced it, it can be baffling. How can someone be so afraid to talk to people they isolate themselves or refuse to leave the house? How can someone be so afraid to go out in public, such as going to a grocery store, that they enter into a panic attack? Many assume someone who experiences Social Anxiety is weak or crazy. However, Social Anxiety is very real and crippling.

As someone with a physical disability, I understand the thoughts behind Social Anxiety. My back is deformed due to having three different spinal diseases. As a result, my back is curved, with a slight hunch. In my teenage years, I viewed myself as a freak who no one could like or ever love. I isolated myself from others and developed a negative mindset. At times, I would feel anxious to be around people because I would assume they would look at me and see a freak.

The problem was not with others, but with how I viewed myself. I felt I was a failure and not worthy of being accepted. As a result, I isolated and make myself into someone others would not want to know. Many people with Social Anxiety view themselves as failures and feel others would judge them. This can turn into paranoia, which can be crippling.

If you have Social Anxiety, you need to stop the excessive guilt and shame and start over. The past is finished and cannot be changed. Your future, however, is up to you. Most people will not judge you or even remember you. Thus, do not be so concerned as to what they think. Be more concerned about what you think. If you learn to control your thoughts, Social Anxiety will not have as much of a hold over you.

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