Counseling Services

I currently provide counseling services out of H.O.P.E. Psychotherapy of Houston. In this setting, I see a wide range of clients from children, adults and couples. I specialize in the treatment of Asperger’s Disorder and Internet Addiction. In addition, I have experience treating Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Anxiety Disorders.

My counseling style is a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. Within Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a client’s thought processes are changed leading to a change in behavior. For example, a driver in a road rage incident has a choice, to remain calm or to explode and face highly negative consequences. Using CBT, the client would consider consequences of possible actions, and choose the one with the least negative consequence. The client learns with CBT that emotions are choices, and even in stressful situations choices can be made to lessen stress. By learning a majority of anger, fear, and impulses are choices, the client can learn to make the correct ones.

Gestalt therapy is an insight based therapy where the client learns more about themselves and what they are feeling. At times we become so busy and distracted we do not know what are bodies are telling us. As a result, we do things at times for reasons we do not understand. For example, a client shakes his leg in public without realizing it. The client is instructed to shake the leg on purpose and asked what the client is feeling. The client may realize he was feeling anxious without even realizing it. The client now has insight into what he was feeling, and can explore why he is anxious.

When working with clients I usually begin with gaining insight into the problem. I wish to learn how the problem is currently impacting the client, and how the problem began. With this information, I can formulate a treatment plan where the client changes how they view the problem and how the client responds to the problem.

I view my clients as unique individuals. I work with clients to learn to accept themselves and their past. In doing so, the client will be able to move on and make healthy decisions in their life. I am flexible and will do what I can to best treat my clients. We work together in this process, where the client and the therapist are on equal terms.

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