Autism: A Social Relationship Disorder – Presentation

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects millions of children around the work. The public conception of Autism is a death sentence, with little change or hope. After researching treatments of Autism, I have found Autism can be treated, with highly encouraging results. Autism can be treated, and there is hope. My presentation is 1.5 hours long, and includes the following:

  • Past Definitions of Autism
  • What is Autism
  • Previous Autism Treatments
  • Why Most Autism Treatments Fail
  • What Causes Autism
  • Treating Autism: Mindset
  • Autism’s Repetitive Actions
  • Joining the Autistic’s World
  • Creating an Autism Friendly Environment
  • Motivating Autistics to Change
  • Improving Eye Contact
  • Diet and Autism
  • Resources for Treating Autism

My autism presentation is designed to educate therapists, doctors, teachers and parents on how Autism treatments that work and provide results. I can speak at almost any venue, and within Houston, I will speak free of charge. I can also offer a question and answer section at the end of my presentation. If you would like me to speak at your location, or know of one that could use this information, please Contact Me.

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