Therapeutic Word of the Day: Hope

“Without hope, there is nothing. Hope for the future needs to be backed up with action to produce the desired result.”

It is easy to become pessimistic. The world today is a scary place. Terrorism is rampant; financial systems are failing, our children are becoming narcissistic addicts. Technology seems to be taking us down a lonely addicted path. Overall there is much to be afraid for in our world today. The question is, how will we deal with it?

We must be hopeful and optimistic. This is not an easy task. It is human nature to focus on the negative. Watch the nightly news as proof of this. Do stories of happy kittens lead the headlines, or of deaths and violence? We are trained to focus on the negative and sometimes this is valid. Overall, though, we need to focus on what makes us happy and view the future as something we can change.

For us to be hopeful, we need to produce actions that make the world better. It starts with each of us. If everyone helped one person, everyone would be helped. What does help look like? Sometimes it is a kind word, others it is a small gift. Others it is attention and compassion. If we want the world to be a better place, we have to make it, and not depend on others to do the work for us.

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Nathan Driskell

Hello, my name is Nathan Driskell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor in the Houston / Cypress area specializing in the treatment of Internet Addiction & Asperger’s / Autism. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples & families.

You can reach me at my website or call me directly at 832-559-3520 if you have any questions. Thank You!
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