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Internet Addiction is a severe condition that affects millions of people around the world. Most, however, do not know they are addicted, as it is common for people to spend 10+ hours a day online.As an online gaming addict, I understand how addictive and damaging excessive internet use can bring. Alone I was able to control the addiction and move past it. However, this was a challenging and long-term process. There are few treatments available, as many professionals do not even consider Internet Addiction a real addiction. Given my experience with Internet Addiction, I have created a 16-week treatment group aimed at understanding the addiction and moving past it. This treatment group will be divided into four parts, each part 4 weeks long. Below are summaries of each part:

Month 1: Insight

During the first month, you will get to know the other group members and begin understanding why you are addicted to the Internet. You will learn what benefits you receive from the Internet and ways you can gain these benefits with others in the real world. In the group, you will learn the reasons people become addicted, and what the addiction means to you.

Month 2: Controlling Thoughts

Now that you understand your addiction,  you are ready to combat it. You will learn to change how you think about the Internet. By removing irrational thoughts, you will begin to learn how to use the Internet in a healthy manner. By understanding every thought is a choice, you can control your impulses and gain control of your life.

Month 3: Changing Behavior

You will begin by organizing your life in a structured manner. You will explore alternatives to using the Internet and will be encouraged to reconnect with your friends and family and to make new relationships. You will learn how to monitor your time spent online, and when to shut down the computer and walk away. By structuring your life in an efficient manner, you will fill your life with meaningful activities.

Month 4: Maintenance

In the last month of the group, you will learn to maintain the healthy lifestyle you have built. You will be able to spot what triggers your addiction and what to do to relieve this stress in a healthy way. You will learn from the other group members what works and does not work. At this time the group will come to a close, allowing you more time to find new, healthy relationships outside the Internet.

Requirements to Join

Requirements to Join the Internet Addiction Treatment Group are few. You must be 18 years old or older and must be willing to meet with me before the group for screening. You do not need an official diagnosis to join: I will assess you in screening to determine if you are a good fit.

Benefits of the Treatment Group

In the group, you will begin to understand the nature of your addiction, with the support of others who have a similar problem. You will hear stories of others, how they became addicted, and strategies they have attempted. The group will work as a unit to help each member to move past and control the addiction. The more people who are involved and understand the problem, the better solutions can be devised.


As this is a controlled group, we will not begin the group until enough members are available. At least four people are required, with a maximum of 6. The goal is for each member to work the program and stay all 16 weeks. To that end, there are two methods of pricing. You can pay per month, or up front. The costs are as follows:

Pay Per Month: $200.00 per month for four months.

Pay Up Front: $700.00 for all 16 weeks.

Paying Up Front Saves you $100.00.

Payment options include cash, check or credit card. Refunds are not given if you drop out or do not show up for the session.

Location & Timing

The Internet Addiction Treatment Group will be located at H.O.P.E Psychotherapy of Houston, Suite #103. The time will be in an evening of the week, or on Saturday Afternoon, and will be determined based on the needs of the group members. The group will start once enough members sign up.

Gain Control of Your Future and Your Life

Internet Addiction can be beaten. I have done so and have become a successful professional. It was difficult, and at the time, there were no treatment options to help me. As a former addict, I understand the lies of the addiction, and the control needed to succeed. I will work with you to provide the best group experience, so you can end the addiction and learn to use the Internet responsibly. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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