Therapeutic Word of the Day: Money

“We all need it. Question is, do you rule it, or does it rule you?”

Money. some people love it, some hate it. I have seen money become a God to some who sacrificed their families and lives to it. One fact is true: we all need it.

Therefore, the question is, how do we manage it? Money = power as it allows you more options. Someone with money has many more options in life over someone who does not. Money should be a means to an end, meaning money itself should not be a final goal. For example, I want money so I and my family can be secure. I want money so I can one day open an outpatient treatment center for Internet Addiction. Money has a purpose, I do not want money so I can see a large number representing my bank account, I want money so I can use it to help myself, my family, and others.

This is a healthy goal when it comes to money. Wanting more money just to have more money is greed. If you cannot control greed, it will take from you.

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Nathan Driskell

Hello, my name is Nathan Driskell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor in the Houston / Cypress area specializing in the treatment of Internet Addiction & Asperger’s / Autism. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples & families.

You can reach me at my website or call me directly at 832-559-3520 if you have any questions. Thank You!
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