Therapeutic Word of the Day: Joy

“You are alive. Take joy in this. Look for things to be joyful instead of things to upset you.”

If you are reading this, then you are alive. This is a good thing. You can still influence the world and make it a better place. Out of all the people who have ever lived, you are in a position to make a change now that can change the future.

Therefore, be happy in this. It is no crime to be happy, even when things are not perfect. In fact, things are never perfect, so you might as well be happy. Joy is a reflection of happiness.

So, instead of finding ways to be unhappy and miserable, look for things that make you happy. Look for people who bring you up, instead of those who bring you down. Be happy you are you.

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Nathan Driskell

Hello, my name is Nathan Driskell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor in the Houston / Cypress area specializing in the treatment of Internet Addiction & Asperger’s / Autism. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples & families.

You can reach me at my website or call me directly at 832-559-3520 if you have any questions. Thank You!
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