Therapeutic Word of the Day: Choice

“You have the freedom to choose what you believe and how you live. This is a responsibility not taken lightly.”

Believe it or not, we live in a time of unheard of freedom. We can think what we want and can express this opinion. With the advent of social media, the average person can express their opinion on a global stage. As a result, we can influence the world more now than ever before.

Choice then has become more important than ever. If we can express our opinions and influence the world, then we need to make sure we take our choices very seriously. Everything we say and do is watched by others. If we live our lives in a negative, destructive way, people will notice and may be influenced by it.

The power to choose is one of the reasons Democracy is the best form of government. We can choose those who represent us. We are free to make decisions in our lives the way we see fit. As the New Year approaches, as yourself what you will choose for your life, and how this will influence others.

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Nathan Driskell

Hello, my name is Nathan Driskell and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor in the Houston / Cypress area specializing in the treatment of Internet Addiction & Asperger’s / Autism. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples & families.

You can reach me at my website or call me directly at 832-559-3520 if you have any questions. Thank You!
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