Therapeutic Word of the Day: Borderline

“Borderline Personality Disorder is a devastating condition involving severe mood swings + suicidal tendencies.”

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a real disorder that can be devastating. I have worked with some them throughout the years and will admit to the challenges they present. Someone with BPD is often in a turmoil of emotions. One moment they are happy the next, they are angry and the following they are sad. Small stressors quickly set them off to overreactions. It is similar to Bipolar Disorder, in the mood is often shifting. However, for someone who is Borderline, there are more symptoms than just mood swings.

Many are often angry and frustrated. If your mood switched on and off like a switch, you would be as well. As mood swings often damage relationships, many who have BPD have strained relationships. Due to the mood swings, someone with BPD can express strong emotions, sometimes opposites, within a short period. “I love you; I hate you” is a case in point, as someone with BPD can go from love to hate in seconds.

Due to the damage in relationships and the tormenting mood swings, suicide is a real concern. Most with BPD have been suicidal in the past. Many have attempted suicide as they cannot handle the mood swings.

While treating BPD is involved, medications with a combination of CBT has been shown to work. DBT therapy often works well with Borderlines. I have worked with about 5 Borderlines in my time, and I have seen vast improvements. BPD is a real condition, but it is also one that is becoming more treatable.

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