The other day I was in a pharmacy when I learned about GoodRx, a website which can help you save money on your prescriptions. As many people spend hundreds of dollars a month on medications, a website that can help you save money is a blessing. The great thing about GoodRx is it is free and works for those who have or do not have insurance. I saw first hand how it saved over 60% on a medication, and decided I needed to post about this so others know of it as well.

How GoodRx Works

You can visit GoodRx or you can download the app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Once you are there, put in the name of your prescription and press enter. Next, set your location, which can be detected automatically or you can input your zip code. Once your location is set, you will view a list of the prices in the pharmacies near you. Look at the screenshot below for an example:


For the example above, GoodRx automatically chose the generic version of Xanax, which is much cheaper than the brand name. Walmart was the clear winner coming in at over $3.00 less than Target. $3.00 does not sound like much, but if you take numerous medications this can add up. You can customize the dosage and quantity of pills in the prescription.

Once you have found the lowest price, click the Get Free Discount or the Get Free Coupon Button. You can print out this coupon or you can show the pharmacist to receive the discount.

Does It Really Work?

As much as this sounds like a scam, it does indeed work. I saw a coupon reduce a prescription from $60.00 to $25.00. The pharmacy has to take this coupon, as long as the coupon is for the exact pharmacy. If you have the app, you can save your prescriptions and have coupons generated for you. The app is the best way to go, as it is easy to use and convenient. Links for the app will be listed at the end of this article.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Let us perform an experiment to see how much money you can save in a real world example. I am going to look up 5 different psychiatric medications, and for each, I am going to list the location, price, and savings when compared to the highest price.  The location will be for my office’s zip code. I will choose only generic medications.

Example 1: Celexa

Celexa - Generic (Citalopram)
Location Price Savings
Health Warehouse $3.60 $7.73
HEB Grocery $4.00 $7.33
Walmart $4.00 $7.33
Kroger Pharmacy $6.64 $4.69
Randall's $7.43 $3.90
Target (CVS) $8.99 $2.34
Walgreens $9.98 $1.35
CVS Pharmacy $11.33 $0.00


Example 2: Zoloft

Zoloft - Generic (Sertraline)
Location Price Savings
Health Warehouse $7.50 $5.16
Randall's $8.45 $4.21
Walmart $8.94 $3.72
Kroger Pharmacy $9.88 $2.78
Target (CVS) $10.23 $2.43
HEB Grocery $10.57 $2.09
Walgreens $11.05 $1.61
CVS Pharmacy $12.66 $0.00


Example 3: Ativan

Ativan - Generic (Lorazepam)
Location Price Savings
Randall's $8.51 $8.29
Walmart $8.66 $8.14
Kroger Pharmacy $9.20 $7.60
Target (CVS) $9.55 $7.25
Walgreens $10.13 $6.67
HEB Grocery $10.67 $6.13
CVS Pharmacy $11.53 $5.27
Health Warehouse $16.80 $0.00


Example 4: Prozac

Prozac - Generic (Fluoxetine)
Location Price Savings
Health Warehouse $3.60 $7.57
Kroger Pharmacy $3.99 $7.18
HEB Grocery $4.00 $7.17
Walmart $5.76 $5.41
Walgreens $5.00 $6.17
Randall's $7.55 $3.62
CVS Pharmacy $11.17 $0.00
Target (CVS) $11.17 $0.00


Example 5: Lexapro

Lexapro - Generic (Escitalopram)
Location Price Savings
Health Warehouse $8.70 $28.67
Kroger Pharmacy $9.23 $28.14
Randall's $9.35 $28.02
Walmart $9.88 $27.49
Target (CVS) $12.19 $25.18
CVS Pharmacy $13.26 $24.11
Walgreens $13.72 $23.65
HEB Grocery $37.37 $0.00


As you can tell, there are some good savings to be had. Some of the locations on the list were online, but most were physical stores. Even if you are on insurance, it pays to check this out, as you may find a cheaper price here than what you can use with your insurance.

GoodRx Is For All

GoodRx is great, no matter the medications you need. They even cover medications for pets. This is a free service all can use for no cost. Even if you were to save $3.00 a medication, if you took 3 medications a month that would save $9.00, which would save you over $100.00 a year. If you take more medications you will save more. I highly suggest using this service, as I know I will be in the future.


I am by no means an affiliate of GoodRx and receive no compensation from them of any kind for this post. You may see their ads on my site, which are automatically generated through Google’s DoubleClick Program. These ads are automatic and not programmed by me. I post this only to help you and your family, as I found it to be a great resource.

Download Links:

GoodRx Website
GoodRx Google Play (Android)
GoodRx Apple Store (iOS)


Image Credit: GoodRx

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