Dangerous Autism Cure: What Exactly is MMS?

If you have researched Autism cures in the past, you may have come across a potential “cure” called MMS. MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution, a chemical mixture consisting of high levels of Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is used as a bleaching solution as it breaks down harmful chemicals and is found in small quantities in many water treatment plants in the US. The creators of MMS claim their solution can fight the malaria parasite, fungi, bacteria & parasites. They even claim their solution can fight viruses. People have used MMS to treat HIV, Hepatitis, H1N1 Flu Virus, Colds, Acme, Cancer, and Autism. The problem is, the FDA has warned against the use of MMS, citing it as a potentially dangerous product. What exactly is MMS, and why are people using it?

What is MMS?

According to the FDA, MMS is a solution consisting of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. Consumers are instructed to combine this solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This combination produces chlorine dioxide. The FDA warns MMS can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and symptoms of severe dehydration. Chlorine Dioxide, the main chemical in the activation of MMS, is dangerous in high doses and is not intended for human consumption.

What is CDS, and what is Activation?

Traditional MMS requires an acid such as lemon or lime juice to activate. Chlorine Dioxide, the main component in MMS, is not created until an acid is exposed. This was a limitation as people often did not like the taste of MMS. CDS, which stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution, is a new form of MMS that is already activated, meaning no acid is needed. It is supposed to not have the same taste issues as MMS. While researching for this article, the top sellers of MMS are now selling CDS as a replacement for MMS.

So, What is Chlorine Dioxide?

To begin, Chlorine Dioxide is not Chlorine. Chlorine Dioxide is a combination of Chlorine and Oxygen, with 1 Chlorine Atom and 2 Oxygen Atoms. The addition of the oxygen atoms transforms Chlorine into Chlorine Dioxide. The chemical formula is ClO2.


Chlorine Dioxide: Chemical Model

The Chemical Model for Chlorine Dioxide. Image Credit: Xinix.

Before 1950, chlorine was used in most water treatment plants for disinfection. Chlorine is efficient as a disinfectant as it reacts well with water pollutions such as acids, oils, urine, ammonia, etc. As water is often recycled and reused, people would become very sick if disinfectants were not used. The use of Chlorine had it’s drawbacks, as waste products are left behind which can contain Trihalomethanes (THM’s) which can be carcinogenic. Chlorine can also cause the skin to lose its natural fats, as well as the unpleasant smell.  Due to these drawbacks, Chlorine was replaced with Chlorine Dioxide, which has no byproducts and no smell.

In current water treatment plans, Chlorine Dioxide is used in as little as 0.1 ppm (Parts Per Million) with a pH range of 5-9. Even at these low levels, Chlorine Dioxide is strong enough to disinfect our water supply. We all consume limited amounts of Chlorine Dioxide, but due to the small amount, it is safe. To learn more about Chlorine Dioxide and our water supply, visit Xinix, which is a disinfection technology company.

How Much Chlorine Dioxide is in MMS?

In most forms of MMS, including CDS, up to 28% of the solution is Chlorine Dioxide. CDS contains 3000 ppm when compared to 0.1 ppm in normal drinking water. This means CDS has around 30,000 times the levels of Chlorine Dioxide than normal drinking water. Let that sink in, nearly 30,000 times the amount!

This amount is the problem. Most things in high amounts will be harmful, even if they are helpful in smaller amounts. Take water as an example. Without enough water, we will eventually die. However, too much water can cause our electrolyte levels to become out of balance. This can lead to a heart attack and even death. A normal amount of water is needed for life, while too much can be deadly.

Logically, 30,000 times the levels of a compound used as a bleaching agent should be cause for concern.

What Dangers does Chlorine Dioxide Pose to the Body?

According to the FDA, Chlorine Dioxide in high doses can cause the following: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. Life-threating low blood pressure can be caused by severe dehydration. The FDA recommends consulting a health care professional as soon as possible if a negative reaction is noticed. The FDA considers MMS dangerous and recommends consumers stop using the product. The warnings from the FDA were made in 2010, with this being 2016, and MMS is still around and being sold. Many people are risking their lives by taking this “cure.”

Have People Died Taking MMS?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. In August od 2009, Sylvia Fink took MMS while in the South Pacific. During this time, there was a malaria scare, and she was told to take MMS to protect her from Malaria. Within 12 hours of taking MMS, she died after slipping into a coma. At first, her symptoms were slight, with vomiting and diarrhea. Her husband, Doug Nash, said at first he was not alarmed by these symptoms, as they were listed as common side effects. However, the vomiting and diarrhea became worse until she slipped into a coma. Autopsy results found “significantly high levels (45%)” of methemoglobin in Sylvia’s blood. Methemoglobin results in the blood’s inability to carry oxygen within the body. Methemoglobin typically occurs with exposure to drugs or toxic substances, including chlorate and chlorite. No criminal charges were pressed on the creators of MMS. However, it is likely MMS killed Sylvia Fink.

Does this mean if you take MMS you will die? Most likely no. You will probably become ill with vomiting and diarrhea due to the body trying to expel MMS. Your body will probably treat it as a poison and remove it at all costs. However, over time, your body will adapt to it, and these symptoms will most likely fade. The problem is the long-term damage that can result.

So, Does MMS Work?

Depends on what you want to use MMS for. If you want to kill germs, such as bacteria, then MMS may do the job. It is used to cleanse our water supply so that it will do the same to the body. This is why most people who use MMS continue to use it. They may see results at first that make them think it is safe. Over time exposure to MMS may cause long term damage. If you plan to use MMS to treat something like Autism, then I cannot imagine it doing anything but treat problems relating to the gastric system. As far as treating Autism and “curing” Autism, then this is no cure.


How is MMS and CDS Sold?

MMS Products International is a lead seller of CDS and came up as the first result while searching for MMS. MMS and CDS are sold online as most governments have banned the selling of MMS. MMS Products International’s website, while outdated, sells CDS in single bottles and bundles. While browsing the site, I felt as if I was watching an early 2000’s website, cheezy flash videos and all.

MSS Products International’s disclaimer is where things get interesting. Below is a copy of a portion of the disclaimer:

Please note: ALl of the information found within this website has thus far not been approved, nor endorsed by the FDA (Food & Drup Administration). Our sole intention is to supply aterial for ONLY educational reasons. In no what whatsover do we intend to replace the council of qualified medical practitioners, as ONLY liscenced medically trained individuals have this capacity.”

Note the typos and bad grammar, as this was copied verbatim. If this site is for “educational purposes only” when why are you selling anything? At least they are honest about the lack of FDA endorsement. Things go from bad to worse in the next part of the disclaimer:

“At absolutely no time is any of the material or information found within this website intended to treat, cure, diagnose or otherwise prevent disease, whilst also not intending to substitute or replace one’s existing medical regime.”

“Let it also be known that by purchasing any product from this website, namely chlorine dioxide based products, you assume & consent full responsibility, with any ensuing culpability assumed by the purchasee in full. Any injury or loss felt to be experienced as a direct result from the exposure to any product, content, or information outlined within this website.”

So, then why would I want, or need, to take CDS if it is not intended to treat or cure anything? This is legal speak for “our product does nothing you cannot sue us for taking it.” Ask yourself this question: would you use a product, that its creators say it does not treat or cure anything? Click here to read the Disclaimer yourself.

Do Yourself a Favor, Do NOT TAKE MMS or CDS!

If you are taking MMS or CDS, I am sure I cannot convince you. You will ignore the FDA warnings and will not care about a website’s disclaimers. You will cite it works by your examples and will continue to use it. I accept that. The great thing about life is we are free to make our choices. My goal is to help convince others that MMS and CDS are dangerous and is not a cure for anything. If you have questions about MMS or CDS, take the time to research. Better yet, ask your doctor what he/she thinks of MMS. A doctor would be a better source of information than a random website, or from a random therapist such as myself. Just be sure to do your research before you put something potentially toxic in your body. This goes for medications as well. Always ask your doctor about your medications, as you have the right to ask questions and be informed. In the end, MMS is not a cure and should be avoided.

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